Top Tips for Car Donation in New York

car donations nycYou can make a lot happen by donating a car to a charity – you can support a cause, help a child realize his dreams or even support a needy family. In recent years, the number of charities accepting car donation in New York have risen but you need to ensure that you make the right decision and make the most of your donations. When you donate a car New York, it is not only about supporting a cause, but it is also about helping yourself financially. Along with bringing a smile on someone else’s face, you will get huge tax exempts which will help you achieve your personal goals.

As said earlier, there are many important things to be considered, when choosing a car donation charity. Here are some top tips that will help you find a legitimate charity that accepts car donation in New York.

  • Choose a charity that you can trust. In simple words, choose charities that work for benefiting the world. Don’t just trust what they say or advertise. Do your own homework to check what works they have done in the past. Inquire how much gross proceeds the charity will get back after you donate the car. If they only tell you about the net proceeds, which means your donation might be wasted.
  • Always follow the protocols of donating your car. Make sure the title is properly transferred and make sure you remove the bumper stickers, license plates, and all other important documents and belongings before donating your car. Follow all the legal protocols so that you don’t face any problems in future.
  • Drive the car to the charity. If the charity has to pick-up or tow the car from your place, they have to spend a considerable portion of the donated money. This means the effect of your donation get minimized by a considerable amount. By driving your car to the charity you will not only save the charity’s money, but you will also feel better and satisfied.
  • Directly ask how and where the donated money will be spent. The charity should promptly answer this question. If the charity seems reluctant to answer it or says it will send the donation to a charity that has no direct links with the charity you are working with, it is best to look for some other car donation charity.

Never get swayed by the TV commercial or the billboard adverts that make larger than life promises. Take your time to do enough research and find the most effective car donation charity.