Make a Difference by Embracing a Worthy Program of Car Donation to a Charity

BabyfinalDonating a car is certainly recognized as a noble thought. However, what makes the difference is the cause behind such donation and the organization to whom you donate the car. Today, more and more people are looking forward to making a difference by embracing the idea of helping a cause through car donation to a charity. To ensure that you engage yourself with a worthy and legitimate cause, you should make it a point to work with a reputed charitable organization. A wise approach is to work with an organization that is 501 (C) (3) classified. This ensures that your donation is used for a good cause and purpose.

How Does your Donation Help?

Wondering as to how does your donation make a difference towards a cause? With the car you donate, the charitable organization works towards gathering the resources for bringing a smile in the face of the less privileged children. The donor i.e. ‘you’ stand up as a voice for the unfortunate children. The car donation charities work with the main objective of supporting services that help the underprivileged children enjoy a healthy upbringing. For instance, the resource that is gathered is used to support services like hot meal programs, replenishing school book inventories, funding educational scholarships, sending kids to summer camps, and more.

Donating a Car – The Process Involved

When it comes to car donation to a charity, all you need to be careful is about picking the right charity. With a number of charitable organizations working to choose from, the process often gets tough. Otherwise, it is a simple process, which involves calling the charity and having someone to pick the car. Therefore, before you take the final decision of embracing the program of car donation to a charity, the IRS recommends that you adhere to the following process –

  • Research the charity carefully and see whether it is a 501 (c) (3) organization
  • Inquire about whether you will receive tax deductibles benefits or not
  • Find out the fair market value of your car before donating the same

Additional to these considerations, you should also ask if you have any other responsibilities to take care of for finalizing the donation program. While these considerations or questions help you determine the worth of the donation or find out more about the charitable organization, you should also look up to other aspects of donating a car. Such issues help you make a worthy choice. Here is a quick look at the other aspects that ensure working with the best car donation charities –

  • The way and purpose of using the car
  • The way of using the funds collected by selling off the car
  • The support service programs that will receive funding following the sale of the car
  • The efficiency rating of the charity that further helps determining the objective of the charity

Since car donation involves tax deductible benefits, always make sure to follow the guidelines presented by the IRS to determine the worth of the charity and value of the donation. Go for car donation to a charity and bring smile on the faces of the underprivileged children.